The time of uncertainty (Capsule 4)

Why have we never found a chip in the body of mummies?

During the previous capsules, we came to the conclusion that to achieve the tenth plague of Egypt, killing all the firstborn, the Lord in fact leader of a band of « alien » more known as Eloïm, had used implant technology.

After all, if the « extraterrestrials » use the implant today, it is not completely absurd to imagine that they were doing it at the time.

If we have solved the question of the modus operandi of the tenth plague of Egypt, new questions arise for us, and to begin this one: how these « extraterrestrials » out of bench, rigorous managers, claiming the control of the territory of Egypt and the property over all the cattle – human included – have they taken it to proceed with the implantation? They obviously did not operate themselves. This task was incumbent upon their direct representatives, namely the Egyptian clergy. The initiated priests of Egypt were a caste apart, playing a vital mediating role between the « Gods » and the people. The priests did not only deal with funeral rituals, deaths and mummification, they obviously intervened at the time of birth, through rituals of blessing and also through an important ritual of baptism. It is undoubtedly on the occasion of this ceremony of baptism that was implanted the equivalent of our micro-chip RFID. No doubt the priests were not aware of their role. Just like circumcision, this implantation, however it occurred, responded to the superior orders of the Gods themselves. The priests were to see there a symbol, a sign of belonging of the newborn to the God AMON. They did not suspect that this belonging, which they knew to be concrete and real for having observed it many times, depended on a very material technology of which they were the main installers. Another thorny issue of this crucial episode is: how did this plague save the firstborn of the Hebrew people who were necessarily implanted too? As I said in the previous episode, chips react at short range like transmitters and receivers and the best way to activate them at the scale of a country is the use of drones. If as we have seen drones could not distinguish between humans and livestock for encoding reasons, it is not the same for homes. What does the Bible tell us?

« Exodus 12.13 – The blood shall be a sign to you on the houses where you are; I will see the blood, and I will pass over you, and there shall be no plague to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.  »

In fact, a simple reconnaissance program was able to allow drones equipped with night vision cameras to stop the transmission of the mortal order when passing over the houses of the Hebrews.  »Exodus 12.23 And when the Eternal passeth over to smite Egypt, and see the blood on the lintel and on the two poles, the Eternal shall pass over the door, and he shall not allow the destroyer to enter into your houses to strike. « This is why the Eternal makes it clear: » Exodus 12.22. None of you will come out of his house until morning.  »

Another question seems important: how was death caused by the implant? One of the fears that comes up very often when we talk about microchip, is to imagine that a crazy dictator could one day have the idea of placing in the chip a poison capsule capable of triggering at the receiving of a signal. It is a classic theme of science fiction.

Here, in the context of extraterrestrial chips, it is more likely to imagine a virus-type program capable of directly communicating by frequency with all the cells of the body, thus causing an almost instantaneous death. Another question: why was chip never found in the body of mummies? It is – and this is well known in the ufology – that in the open air, the extraterrestrial implant disintegrates in a few minutes.

It’s even one of its main features. Extraterrestrial implants are nano-technological neuronal systems that once inserted into the body are protected by an organic membrane that develops itself . We can assume that the same process of disintegration occurs at the moment of death.

Is it science fiction? This would be tantamount to saying that this episode of the Bible is itself science fiction because I do not see a more relevant and above all more coherent solution to explain the tenth plague.

Now it remains an ultimate question. We saw that Amon had organized the implantation of the Egyptian people. But we have also seen that it is Yahweh who is responsible for the tenth plague. Must we deduce that Yahweh hacked the system of implants of Amon? Has he defeated Amon and taken power in his place? … I do not think so because the cult of Amon will continue to dominate Egypt. In fact, I have good reason to think that Amon, Aton and Yahweh are one and the same « character ». This is what we will see together in our next capsule.

To be continued.. next appointment soon

Roch Saüquere


Picture:  IMAGINA  |Alastair Magnaldo

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