The time of uncertainty (Capsule 3)

… I finally found something that ultimately responds quite well to all these questions.

As we have seen in our previous capsule, a plague of Egypt remains particularly difficult to explain, even for researchers who see « the Eternal » as a band leader « alien » (extern to the earth ) having taken control of the planet Earth in favor of advanced technology.

This plague is the extermination of the firstborn of Egypt (indifferently humans and cattle). Indeed, if most miracles can be explained by means of technologies that we control more or less nowadays, how to explain a so precise selection.

Exodus 12.12 This night I will come to pass in the land of Egypt, and smite every firstborn of the land of Egypt, from men to animals, and will execute judgments against all the gods from Egypt. I am the Eternal.  »

What technology could allow such madness? Which weapon could cause the death of all the firstborns of a house, leaving all other occupants unharmed? If, as we imagine, we arrive at the time of the Revelation, it is inevitably that this technology is not very far from ours … by  turning the question in all directions, I ended up finding something that finally answers quite well to all these questions.

This technology, curiously it is also found in the file UFO: it is the implant. His correspondence in the real world is the RFID chip whose implementation tends to become widespread throughout the world.

Nowadays, livestock and pets are massively « implanted ». Note in passing that whatever the animal, the implant used is always the same. Only the data differs. These data are – for the traceability of the animal – the name and address of the owner; the name or registration number of the animal; place and date of birth, dates of vaccination; a medical history. In humans, there are other data, but also common data. Specifically, to identify the animal that you want to take, just pass a chip reader over the flock. The reader will remotely recognize the serial number of the implanted chip (the more powerful the reader and the chip are, the greater the distance can be), and will then communicate with it. This is how the chip will transmit the individual data of the animal. It is very important to understand that the chip is a transmitter but also a receiver. It means, it can not only transmit data remotely but also receive orders or new information.

Ok but what connection with ancient Egypt? Well simply: what is at the bottom is like what is at the top. Same need, same logic, same method.
For an « extraterrestrial » people on a mission to colonize a planet, organization and management must be a daily concern. It should be essential to know precisely the state of stocks and this in any field of activity whatsoever, to catalog, list, and trace in real time the livestock or other consumer goods, as we do we even nowadays.

However, the best known way to date to achieve this is precisely the micro RFID chip. This technology that we know is only a pale copy of the one that should be in the hands of Yahweh.
Thus, to optimize the management of their territory, the extraterrestrial Gods had necessarily « implanted » all the creatures belonging to them, « from the men to the animals ».

The fact that « the Lord » in this firstborn death sentence makes no difference between humans and cattle is an important detail that supports the hypothesis of the implant. Humanity, as a property of the « gods », was treated in exactly the same way as any other animal. Let us not forget the words of the Lord: Isaiah 19.25 « (…) Blessed be Egypt, my people ».

In addition, we know the importance of the birthright at that time, the right which conferred the majority of the property of a family to the firstborn. This data must therefore be included on the identification chip implanted on all creatures in Egypt. You must know that men often lived with their animals under the same roof. Thus, if the chips were encoded in the same way and if the activation of the wound played on the « first-born » encoding, it was impossible for the drones of Yahweh who would fly over the territory of Egypt to make the distinction between the first-born humans of the firstborns of the cattle of a house. This is why the Lord says: « from men to animals ». One would have thought that the death of the firstborn humans would have been enough to make pharaoh bow. And Jehovah had to think so too, and he certainly would not have added the firstborns of the animals to his condemnation had he not been technically obliged to do so.

Many questions now arise that we will study together next time. By reviewing these questions, and also relying on what we know about the extraterrestrial implants studied in the UFO file, we will find that this far-fetched thesis at first sight of the implantation of all the creatures of ancient Egypt will finally take consistency.

To be continued….

Roch Saüquere


Picture:  IMAGINA  |  Julian Sidorencu

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  1. Céline Imbeault dit :

    C’est une évidence qu’à cette époque la puce était déjà créée et utilisée . Il y a eu de nombreux black-out , donc c’est difficile d’imaginer par nous que des civilisations qui nous ont précédées étaient à la fine pointe de la technologie archontique .


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