The time of uncertainty (Capsule 2)

It is a plague that scientists have never been able to explain, except by kicking …

Many exegeses of the Old Testament attempt to give a historical reality to the emblematic chapter of the Exodus, while removing the « magical » aspect of the story.

This rationalistic exercise, entirely based on science and totally negating the role of an omnipotent god named Yahweh, aims to give a realistic foundation to this episode that marked the establishment of the Hebrew people in the Promise land.

According to these exegetes, it is enough to remove the fantastic jumble of superstitions that clutter the story of the Bible, to find the story and events as they really happened. The idea could be attractive if it would not be served by a bias sometimes sinking in bad faith, and defended with arguments pulled by the hair. Thus is then elucidated through an earthquake (the water withdraws before returning), the mystery of the Red Sea which opens to the passage of the Hebrews, like that of the manna fallen from the sky each morning in the desert and which allowed to feed the people (chemical phenomenon partly due to the dew).

One of the favorite exercises of these exegetes is to explain the most scientifically possible, by suppressing any « superior » intervention, the many plagues of Egypt that contributed to the departure of the Hebrews.

Nothing is easier than to explain by an epidemic or food poisoning the plague that strikes mortal Egyptian cattle while sparing that of the Hebrews. It is also sufficient for them to have a learned medical encyclopedia to explain the wound of ulcers formed by an eruption of pustules. In the same way, the rain of hail becomes a climatic phenomenon certainly exceptional but finally quite banal.  It is the same for the plague of locusts. In the same way, these exegetes explain the darkness that spreads over Egypt for three days by the eruption of a volcano at the other end of the world. Thus the explanations put every time to the closet any idea of « external » intervention.

In the eyes of these researchers, these natural disasters were not chained but they hit Egypt over several years. It was much later, with the need to unify the people around the idea of a God that must imperatively be feared, that this « magical » narration was imposed, prompting scribes to focus all these events to make them look amazing and terrifying.

Admittedly, the discourse stands, and how wonderful the world could be if these exegeses were right. If everything could be so simple, and if we could explain everything so rationally. Unfortunately, it is a plague that scientists have never been able to explain, except by kicking, pretending that the scribes had invented it from scratch to inspire fear. This is the death of all the firstborn of Egypt.

Exodus. 11.4 And Moses said: Thus saith the LORD, by the middle of the night I will pass through Egypt; 11.5 and all the firstborn shall die in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh sitting on his throne, to the first-born of the maid who is behind the millstone, and to all the first-born animals.

On this affair, the exegetes have always broken their teeth. How to explain such a precise selection, surgical could we say? There is no disease that is capable of such precision. And why would the scribes have invented everything here when they would have relied on real facts in the case of other wounds?

I have studied this question myself for a long time. You will gradually familiarize yourself with my thesis according to which « extraterrestrials » in rupture of ban would have seized the Earth, and would have created the man in their image, conditioning it to make it an ideal slave. These « false gods » would have arranged for the man to be neither too stupid, nor too intelligent, too fragile, nor too resistant, and endowed with a limited life expectancy. The rest we know it. Sometimes the creature escapes part of its creator

In short, trying to be the most logical with this idea of an « extraterrestrial » intervention, and assuming that the biblical version is the most faithful of real events, I also stumbled on this plague. How did Yahweh exterminate only the firstborn, (indifferently humans and cattle) of Egypt? It remained for me a mystery. Although I was going to return the problem in all directions, I could not find the technology that had allowed it. It was probably one of those tricks worthy of the greatest magicians, one of those that these gods of antiquity loved to take out of their hats at the right moment to impress the flock.

Take the time to think about it for a moment and you will see. Whatever the nature of God, the answer is not shouting.
But suddenly a solution appeared to me as obvious. It was as if I had found the magician’s « trick ». And this solution by its logic as surprising as it is incomparable just came to reinforce the theory of the intervention of these « extraterrestrials » on the Earth.
I’ll tell you all about it next time, in the next capsule of the time of revelation.

To be continued …

See you on ….the 21st of January 2018

Roch Saüquere



Patricia Roncin | Translation

Picture: IMAGINA  | Michal Karcz

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