The Time of Uncertainty (Capsule 1)

Have we lost the memory’s name of the sun, of our planet, and of our satellite. Who decided that we should forget their names?

Uncertainty reigns today on the world. We entered into a cycle of uncertainty that affects all areas: economic; social with these increasingly pressing rumors of explosion and riots; health uncertainty with the « promise » of an impending pandemic; climate uncertainty … « It cannot be worse, » exclaims the pessimist. « But yes, but yes, but yes! »  Answers the optimist.

The malaise is reinforced by indigent information, where everything is immersed in a sort of blur, where news appears, then disappears, and is forgotten immediately. There is only a left background noise.

The fact that news channels and radios have gradually been transformed into sports channels raises the same worrying observation. In short, we are not sure of anything. The real becomes evanescent, and the process accelerates every day a little more. We thus witness the tilting of the poles of the human psyche with the loss of landmarks, the inversion of values, the manifest violence, institutionalized, impotence.

And everyone to say: « the world goes crazy; we walk on the head; we’re going straight into the wall …”

Who is responsible for this cascade tumble? What is this irresistible force that drives us right into the wall?

Wherever we look, uncertainty is everywhere. Threats, like shapeless entities, seem to be waiting, ready to emerge from obscure depths. In this increasingly vague world, with vaporous outlines, there appear unknown creatures that merge and merge with the haze.

Is this really true? How to know in a reality where the facts strive to exceed the fiction? Finally, what remains really safe in our time…? The question is terrible for beings who thought they had reached the peak of their evolution and who seem to have suddenly lost control … Poor humanity that believed to have emancipated itself from nature, to have tamed the elements by its only intelligence and his science; who already saw himself reigning as master over the Earth, his possession.

A friend made me the other day this reflection. One only knows, possesses, and dominates, masters, really things once they have been given a name. To know the names of things, of people, is to possess them in a certain way, it is also to give them an existence. To deny an individual, remove him his name … The most emblematic example is in the Bible, more precisely Genesis which draws from the root of man. Remember: 1.26 (…) He dominates the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the cattle, all the earth, and all the creeping reptiles on the earth. (…) 2.19 (…) and he made them come to the man, to see what he would call them, and that every living thing should bear the name that the man would give him. 2.20 And the man gave names to all the cattle, and the fowls of the air, and to all the animals of the field.

So, as you see, the fact of giving a name or know a name will have power over the being or the thing named. It is for this reason that the true name of God was unknown to men in the tradition, and in any case unpronounceable. The name of God was taboo.

Now let’s transpose this notion to the cosmos. It is a fact that all the stars in the sky have a name, even if it consists of only one letter followed by a number. Similarly, in the solar system, all planets bear a name: Mercury, Venus, Mars … etc. The satellites of these planets also bear a name: Phobos, Titan, Europe … etc.

Man has given a name to all the stars in the sky, all the constellations, as if to better assuage his feeling of domination over nature and the elements. It is reassuring indeed to be able to give a name to the unknown. But there is a strange paradox. All the planets have a name except the Earth which is literally an earth among the other earth of the solar system; all the satellites have a name except our Moon which is literally a moon among the other moons of the solar system … It is the same with our Sun which is a sun among millions of suns.

Curious, these three exceptions. No doubt, the Earth has had a name in the past. The moon and the sun too, certainly. It is in any case the proof that the sun, the Earth and the Moon no longer belong to us, if they never belonged to us.

Who decreed that we would never have the feeling of control over the very planet we inhabit? Who dispossessed us? Do you believe that chance has something to do with it? No, in reality, only the owner of the place can decree such a curse. Also, have we lost the memory of the name of the sun, our planet, and our satellite? Who decided that we should forget their names? Some say Gaia, others Urantia … On top of that, as I said at the beginning, we are in any case doomed to uncertainty.

I invite you today to venture into a new era: the time of revelation.

The quest will be long.

To be continued. Appointment for the next capsule in the near future…

Roch Saüquere

Roch Saüquere
Meeting Roch Saüquere on his Facebook Page


Translation: Patricia Roncin
Picture: IMAGINA Fleeting | Michal Karcz-Parallel Worlds

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